For lawyers who wish to sit the test in London
Test Dates in 2010
Head 1: Property 2 March 2010 (am) 16 June (am) 2010 2 November (am) 2010
Head 2: Litigation 2 March (am) 2010 16 June 2010 2 November 2010 (pm)
Head 3: Professional Conduct and Accounts 3 March 2010 17 June 2010 3 November (pm) 2010
Head 4: Principles of Common Law 8 March 2010 21 June 2010 8 November 2010
Deadline for registrationOne month before the exams
Test Fees
General registration fee for sitting245 + VAT
Property90 + VAT
Professional Conduct and Accounts90 + VAT
Litigation90 + VAT
Principles of Common Law220 + VAT
  *The Test Provider (CLT Professional Training) may change the test fees and dates without prior notice. The general registration fee is good for three consecutive sittings.
The test fees are paid directly to the Test Provider together with the Test application form. One World Studies will provide you with the application to sit the Test. However, it is the candidate's sole responsibility to submit the form to the Test Provider.
Applications to sit the Test must be submitted no later than the deadline for registration as mentioned above. It is possible that the Test Provider will have reached its maximum number of candidates well before that date. In that event the Test Provider will be unable to accept more applications to sit the Test at that sitting. Early application is advised.
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